We’re going to a party! by Jeanne Willis; illustrated by Tony Ross (2011, 2014)

[Published by Andersen Press]

partyOh no, I’m having a minor crisis as I write today’s review. I was going to share my passion for fancy dress, but I realised I’ve already done that. Instead I was going to talk about the perfect pairing of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross, but I’ve mentioned that before too.

Have I run out of things to say? I really hope not, because there are still 137 reviews to go before I’ve completed my challenge (a good thing it’s not a leap
year)! This book is just plain great, it needs no Lucy-filler anyway.

“We’re going to a party, disguised in fancy dress. But which of us is What or Who? It’s up to you to guess!” The costumes and big reveals are hilarious. Each illustration, comes with a tiny visual clue hintingIMG_1515 at who is really under the flashy exterior. Look closely at the banana on the right and you might deduce who is wearing a yellow zip-up suit.

This book, as expected (Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross, superstar partnership etc etc) is loads of fun and audiences love it. Be prepared for an explosive final page.

Check out We’re going to a party! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy We’re going to a party! from Fishpond.


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