Yak and Gnu by Juliette MacIver; illustrated by Cat Chapman (2015)

[Published by Walker Books]

yak and gnuI had the pleasure of debuting Yak and Gnu today in Room 12, a very excellent class of six and seven-year-olds. They’re quite the discerning bunch, so I’ve decided to leave the reviewing to them.

Here’s what they loved:

  • all the rhyming words
  • how more and more and more animals arrived, and they didn’t just come in one by one
  • the combinations of animals and boats (although there was a small suggestion that the catamaran should have been called a hobie cat, but we decided that “clan on a hobie cat” didn’t sound nearly as good as “clan on a catamaran” so I think the suggestion was retracted)
  • the picture of the hippopotamus
  • all the animals, including some class favourites like the giraffes on hovercrafts, the scorpion and the pig
  • it was funny20150317_164936

The one complaint was that I read it too fast. In my defense the rhyme and cumulative nature of the book make it impossible not to get carried away. I’ll try harder next time.

Room 12 have covered all the good stuff, so I’ll leave it to you to find out what this crazy story is all about. Thanks guys, you can do my reviews whenever you like!

Check out Yak and Gnu at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Yak and Gnu from Fishpond.


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