Blue on blue by Dianne White; illustrated by Beth Krommes (2014)

[Published by Beach Lane Books]

Before I had even made it to the text of Blue on blue I was already hooked for two reasons. First up, the dedication, “For Robin, who loves a good rainstorm more than anyone I know.” Now that’s a dedication. And secondly on the copyright page there is information about Beth Krommes’ technique,  “The illustrations for this book are rendered in scratchboard and watercolor.” I don’t know about you but scratchboard sounds like something I really need to have in my life.


In poetic text, we experience a storm in all its glory, from the slow build-up of the clouds, to the “Pounding, hounding, noisy-sounding” madness at its very heart. We emerge from the mayhem, “Sun sneaks back. Warms the air. Muddy, muddy… everywhere!”

Blue on blue is one to savour slowly, allowing your audience plenty of time to enjoy the magical language and amazing illustrations. Yup, I knew it from the moment I opened the cover, she’s a beauty.

Check out Blue on blue at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Blue on blue from Fishpond.


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