Slobcat by Paul Geraghty (1991, 2012)

[Published by Andersen Press]

slob“Slobcat is our cat, He does nothing but lie about and sleep.” Our very cute narrator goes on to list Slobcat’s additional failings; how he’s often also too lazy to eat, he’s not interested in chasing mice, and he just spends all his time lying about in the sun.

Were you ready for the “BUT?” Think of Slobcat as a sort of Clark Kent type character. When he’s in domestic cat/journalist mode he’s all pliable and sweet, but let him loose on the world and he turns into Superman… or Supercat.

Slobcat’s secret life includes stealing fish from the butcher’s, 20150320_170413rescuing kittens from dogs, and ridding the garden of dangerous animals.

This is such a clever story. It is a lovely example of words and pictures deviating on a grand scale. One for the cat-lovers.

Check out Slobcat at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Slobcat from Fishpond.


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