Finding spring by Carin Berger (2015)

[Published by Greenwillow Books]

findingI would love to hang out with Carin Berger and watch her work. Her illustrations are cut-paper collages created out of old books, receipts, letters, ticket stubs and they make me ridiculously happy.

Maurice the bear is pre-hibernation, but it’s all far too exciting for him to sleep, he just wants to see his first ever spring. Through the forest he wanders on a spring-hunt. “Suddenly, Maurice felt an icy sting on his nose. “Is that spring?” he asked.”

At the top of Great Hill, Maurice is spellbound by a sky full of snowflakes. He collects a giant snowball, excited to be taking aIMG_1526 bit of spring home that he can share when everyone wakes up. When he finally emerges from hibernation, the bundle of spring has vanished. Together with his forest friends he sets out to discover the real spring in all its glory.

She’s a cockle-warmer all right.

Check out Finding spring at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Finding spring from Fishpond.


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