I want my hat back by Jon Klassen (2011)

[Published by Walker Books]

hatsA prize-winning book of greatness is what you’re getting today. It’s also ridiculous, so it gets instant awesome points from me.

Sadly Bear has lost his hat, and no-one has seen it anywhere. Rabbit seems a little on the suspicious-side, especially given that he’s wearing a hat. But he too claims innocence,

“No. Why are you asking me.

I haven’t seen it.

I haven’t seen any hats anywhere.

I would not steal a hat.

Don’t ask me any more questions.”hatback

Bear keeps on asking, and keeps on getting hat-seeing rejections. Then the inevitable light-bulb goes on, and while it’s not so great for rabbit it’s beyond awesome for us. The finale is one of the funniest pages ever in a picture book.

I love it all, from big old Bear, to his ludicrous pointy red hat. You will not be disappointed.

Check out I want my hat back at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy I want my hat back from Fishpond.


One thought on “I want my hat back by Jon Klassen (2011)

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