Bear snores on by Karma Wilson; illustrated by Jane Chapman (2002)

[Published by Simon and Schuster]


Writing today’s review late at night is a terrible idea, because Bear just looks so wonderfully peaceful. All I can think about is sinking into bed…

I’ll stick around for long enough to give you a quick run-down on this rhyming delight of a story.

Bear is hibernating in his cave, nothing will disturb his slumbering through the long cold winter. A selection of animals find their way into his warm home, and make themselves comfortable. A fire, some popcorn, tea and honey-nuts all make an appearance. It turns into a regular ol’ humdinger of a party, until a stray pepper fleck sneaks up Bear’s nose and he wakes up. “Bear gnarls and snarls. Bear roars and he rumbles!” IMG_1539

It turns out he’s just sad to have missed the fun. But there is still plenty of tea and popcorn, and everyone has a lovely time sharing tall tales, warm and snug in the cave.

This illustrations are adorable and the rhyme is loads of fun to read out loud.

Check out Bear snores on at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bear snores on from Fishpond.

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