The girl with the parrot on her head by Daisy Hirst (2015)

[Published by Walker Books]

IMG_1603I love today’s picture book with all my heart. The timing was perfect, I needed a pinch of wacky in my life at the very moment we met, actually, make that a giant dollop of wacky.

There are many clever and wonderful things in this book. I feel far too under qualified (also brain-dead due to end-of-termitis) to reveal any great insights about its themes. Instead I shall fall back on my cheat’s way of reviewing:


  • In her life there are newts, wolves, cardboard boxes and martians
  • Her solution to loneliness is to create a SYSTEM for organising things
  • When she meets a boy who was going to use a giant cardboard box for a den, her first question is “Why not a castle?”
  • Okay so it’s really stating the obvious but, she has a parrot on her head!

I’m going to throw in a bonus round: MATHEMATICAL EQUATION OF THE PLOT

Small girl – best friend = Small girl(loneliness)

Small girl(loneliness) x system = Small girl(resignation)

Small girl(resignation) + new friend = Small girl(awesomeness)

And for my final act of cheat reviewing I’m now going to quote the wonderful final line,

“The girl with the IMG_1604parrot on her head liked being on her own, but Chester had a way with sticky tape and Isabel knew where to find martians and helmets and string… and the space station really needed two astronauts and a parrot with a teacup on its head.”

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Check out The girl with the parrot on her head at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The girl with the parrot on her head from Fishpond.


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