Muddle and Mo by Nikki Slade Robinson (2015)

[Published by Duck Creek Press]

muddleI love the conversations I have with my four-year-old nephew Jacob. He’s highly entertaining and asks me ridiculous questions which I take great pleasure in answering in kind. His latest gag, which he finds hilarious, is to call me Uncle Lucy and my husband Auntie John. Reading Muddle and Mo felt a little like having a conversation with Jacob.

Muddle, a small duck, voices some concerns to her best friend Mo (the goat), regarding Mo’s decidedly un-duck-like appearance. Mo, Muddle explains, is the wrong colour for a duck, eats the wrong things and in my favourite line, claims “Your wings are on your head.” Mo is very patient and when the truth comes out is there to lend a goaty shoulder to lean on.IMG_1592

Told with minimal text, featuring delightfully animated characters, your audience of preschoolers will have a ball.

Check out Muddle and Mo at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Muddle and Mo from Fishpond.


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