Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony (2014)

[Published by Scholastic Press]

pandaI’m not too proud to admit when I’ve been a bit of a goose, so let me share my latest piece of Lucy-goosey-ness with you.

When I got to the end of my first reading of Please, Mr. Panda I scratched my head a little and thought, “huh?” There’s a fairly vital component that I had completely missed, and I’m afraid it reflects badly on my manners. I’m very sorry Mr. Antony.

Reading the blurb revealed all, everything became clear, and brilliant! (And made me hungry because the endpapers are covered in glorious doughnuts).

Mr. Panda has a box of doughnuts he’s keen to share. A lot of animals express their enthusiasm for getting their flippers/paws/fins on a round treat, but Mr. Panda is notIMG_1593 easily persuaded. Finally a very polite Lemur’s lovely manners are rewarded with a whole box of

A ridiculously cute way to teach about the importance of saying “Please”.

Check out Please Mr. Panda at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Please Mr. Panda from Fishpond.


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