Dinosaurs love underpants by Claire Freedman; illustrated by Ben Cort (2008)

[Published by Simon and Schuster]

dinoI discovered this wee gem a few years ago when a friend’s son was obsessed with dinosaurs. Underpants and dinosaurs are basically the perfect picture book combination.

“Dinosaurs were all wiped out.

A long way back in history.

No one knows quite how or why.

Now this book solves the mystery…”

It may surprise you to discover that what actually happened was, cavemen, embarrassed by their nudity starting wearing IMG_1602underpants and the old green-eyed monster bit the dinosaurs. The underpant competitiveness culminated “In a great pants tug-of-war.” It was this raging battle that destroyed the dinosaurs!

The rhyme in this hilarious book is brilliant, and the underpants are glorious.

Check out Dinosaurs love underpants at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Dinosaurs love underpants from Fishpond.


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