Parrots over Puerto Rico by Cindy Trumbore; illustrated by Susan L. Roth (2013)

[Published by Lee & Low Books]

parrotsA whole bunch of research has been done with kids to find out what they know about science. One of my favourite discoveries is that when kids were asked to draw a picture of a scientist, most of the images featured:

  • a male
  • a lab coat
  • glasses
  • facial hair
  • some sort of science equipment

Today’s gorgeous picture book blows all these stereotypes out of the water as it features some pretty darn funky scientists.

This non-fiction wonderfully illustrated story describes the plight of the Puertan Rican parrot. A combination IMG_1589of hurricanes, settlers and newly introduced predators resulted in just 24 parrots being left in the trees of El Yunque in Peurto Rico by 1968. A recovery plan was put into to place to save and protect the parrots. And that’s when the groovy scientists worked their magic. Breeding parrots in captivity has allowed them to release parrots back into the forest. Dozens of parrots have been released and they have begun to spread out through the forest.

As part of a classroom unit on conservation, this book would be amazing.

Check out Parrots over Puerto Rico at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Parrots over Puerto Rico from Fishpond.


One thought on “Parrots over Puerto Rico by Cindy Trumbore; illustrated by Susan L. Roth (2013)

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