Roo the roaring dinosaur by David Bedford; illustrated by Mandy Stanley (2015)

[Published by Simon and Schuster]

rooDuring a girls’ weekend to Melbourne a few years ago, my girlfriend had her fingers crossed that while she was away, hubby would manage to wean their daughter off “dodo”. It was quite the challenge as girl and dodo were inseparable.

Blankies, dummies, cuddly toys, they can all be the most important thing in the world to a small person. For the crazily cute Roo, it’s his Moomie. When a giant mammoth named, Wooly crashes his hot air balloon right in front of Roo’s nose, Roo discovers a fun new friend. They have a lovely old time, until Wooly decides he really needs to go home, but, his balloon has a sizeable hole.IMG_1594

It’s tough decision time for Roo, as his Moomie turns out to be the perfect size for balloon-repairing. Because this story is just all round cuteness, it ends with some fluffy love. A great choice for a child who might be about to suffer a little separation anxiety.

Check out Roo the roaring dinosaur at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Roo the roaring dinosaur from Fishpond.


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