Little Mouse’s BIG secret by Eric Battut (2011)

[Published by Sterling Publishing]


Oh boy, I do love a good secret…

Little Mouse finds an apple, “Oh! What a delicious treat!” Burying it in the ground seem like a great idea, that way, no one will ever know!

A series of friends stop by, curious to know what Little Mouse is hiding, but he has amazing powers of secret-keeping and refuses to let slip even a tiny hint. Hilariously, the buried apple has put up a shoot behind him and slowly but surely grows and grows until his secret is a hard-to-hide fully grown apple tree.

Little Mouse’s plan to keep his secret forever is scuppered by a laden apple tree throwing its fruit all over the ground. And what does Little Mouse discover? “Sometimes… secrets are even better when you IMG_1601share them.”

The design of this picture book is genius, from a tiny mouse tucked into the bottom of the page, alone with his apple, to the final spread where animals with red apples bustle around beneath a bright green tree.

A beautiful story, with delicious illustrations.

Check out Little Mouse’s big secret at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Little Mouse’s big secret from Fishpond.


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