Lili by Wen Dee Tan (2015)

[Published by Fat Fox Books]

liliWow. Where do I start?

Much like the flames of an open-fire, this story had me mesmerised. Lili is a completely ordinary girl, aside from one minor detail, her red-hot hair. This hair is so hot it burns everything it touches. As I’m sure you can imagine, there are some fairly obvious disadvantages to this state of affairs. It’s tough to keep friends when you regularly set things alight and the local villagers tire of their washing going up in smoke.

I’m happy to tell you, Lili admirably responds to a hero-requiring-crisis, IMG_1704and from then on, she becomes the star (or possibly flame) of the show.

Unusual, beautiful, illustrations to die for. (Little bit speechless).

Check out Lili at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Lili from Fishpond.


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