Thunderstorm dancing by Katrina Germein; illustrated by Judy Watson (2015)

[Published by Allen and Unwin]


Dance with me everyone, today is my 265th review which means I’m into the final 100 countdown! Thank you for popping on by, it’s lovely to have a look at my blog stats and see regular visits from as far afield as Japan, Russia and Canda. “Hi everybody!” Feel free to give me a cheeky “Hi” back.

To help you get in the mood, we’ve got the joyful Thunderstorm dancing to enjoy. “Shh. Listen. What can you hear?” A watchful group on the beach look to the horizon where dark clouds gather. The storm builds momentum, bringing with it wind, rain, thunder and lightning. “Poppy is the thunder, stamping and thumping, clapping and bumping, ga-bang and ga-boom, it’s LOUD in this room”.IMG_1702

The illustrations, paired with members of the family who are represented as storm-features, are wonderful.

After dodging downpours all day, reading this delicious story aloud has been the perfect way to unleash a little cabin fever.

Check out Thunderstorm dancing at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Thunderstorm dancing from Fishpond.


4 thoughts on “Thunderstorm dancing by Katrina Germein; illustrated by Judy Watson (2015)

  1. Hi Lucy
    I am loving your blog. I’m a Children’s librarian at Motueka Library and I having enjoyed using many of your recommendations. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Mary, and yay! Thank you for introducing yourself, I love to hear from blog-visitors. And I’m super pleased to know my recommendations have been useful. Feel free to suggest some titles of picture books you love…

  2. Hi Lucy. Thanks for reviewing our book. I’m especially glad you chose my favourite pages to show 🙂 I’m a chicken fanatic. Best of luck with your reviewing challenge. Sounds like very good fun to me, and you have the best job ever!

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