Shake to assemble by Calliope Glass; illustrated by Ron Lim & Richard Isanove (2015)

[Published by Marvel]

shakeShe’s a tough one today. I faced a dilemma, do I include a book that is shamelessly cashing in on The Avengers franchise, or do I discount it, due to its populist nature?

I wrote myself a summary:

  • Kids will looooove this book
  • It’s no literary masterpiece
  • She’s a whole lot of fun to read
  • I watch reality TV so who am I to judge?

While reading it aloud to a friend (and Avengers fan) I realised my whole goal is to find books that are fun to read aloud, and Shake to assemble is exactly that. Interactive in nature, it features all your favourites, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. Your instructions include pushing, blowing, tapping, and… tickling Bruce Banner in order to make him turn into the Hulk. “Great! He’s getting mad! But not mad enough. Shake the book up and down five times – hard.”

If you ever run a comic-themed library storytime then this book is just about perfect.

Check out Shake to assemble at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Shake to assemble from Fishpond.


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