I don’t like Koala by Sean Ferrell; illustrated by Charles Santoso (2015)

[Published by Simon and Schuster]


Koala is just so darn creepy, and it’s okay for me to say that, his bestie thinks so too. From the opening endpaper where Adam excitedly opens a present, to the closing credits where Adam’s dad admits, “I don’t like Koala,” this book is hilarious.

“Koala is the most terrible terrible. He has terrible eyes that follow Adam everywhere he goes.”

There is no escape from the all-pervasive presence of Koala. Adam tries, but every morning when he wakes up, Koala is there, on his pillow, peeping at him. You’ve got to hand it to this kid, he’s committed to the cause, but sadly, his determination is no match for a clingy marsupial.IMG_1756

A moment of clarity for Adam changes everything, and Koala doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Adam is just so fantastically expressive, and even Koala with his glazed eyes and floppy limbs somehow manages to convey an amazing array of emotions. A highly entertaining choice.

Check out I don’t like Koala at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy I don’t like Koala from Fishpond.


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