The last Viking by Norman Jorgensen; illustrated by James Foley (2011)

[Published by Fremantle Press]


Josh is brave, with only a few minor fears, like the dark, pirates, monsters, dragons, vampires… With an imagination like his there’s no wonder his grandfather receives this warning when Josh goes to stay, “Now Pop,” Josh’s mum warns as she leaves, “don’t you go upsetting Josh with your hair-raising stories. He had enough nightmares after the last time.”

Pop’s stories of Vikings inspire rather than terrify Josh and he is determined to transform himself into the genuine article, known as Knut, complete with sword, shield and Viking headwear. Meanwhile, in Asgard, the Norse gods, who’ve been finding life a bit dull, become aware of the presence of their newest, most ardent fan.IMG_1766

When Josh finds himself at the mercy of some persistent bullies, the Norse gods come to his rescue rather spectacularly.

A fantastic book to share in the classroom, it explores themes of bullying and fear, and will provoke all sorts of interesting discussion. Just be aware, you might need to prepare yourself for flaming arrows.

Check out The last Viking at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The last Viking from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Adelle, thanks Adelle!]


One thought on “The last Viking by Norman Jorgensen; illustrated by James Foley (2011)

  1. Hi Lucy, Thanks for taking my advice and writing about this wonderful book. I’ll let Norman know.

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