Marilyn’s monster by Michelle Knudsen; illustrated by Matt Phelan (2015)

[Published by Walker Books]

20150502_150656I am lucky enough to have a mother-in-law, called Marilyn, who is nothing like the stereotypical mother-in-law. Marilyn and mum are my two biggest blog fans, and between them I have a magnificent blog proofreading team, with the odd early morning text message alerting me to any missed typos. This one’s for you Marilyn, thanks for being great.

The latest craze at Marilyn’s school is to have your very own monster. They come in all sorts of delightful shapes and sizes. The only catch, you can’t buy your monster, it has to find you.

Eventually Marilyn is the only one left sans monster and understandably it gets to her. She embarks upon a monster-locating quest, in spite of this being against the rules. GoodIMG_1769 decision Marilyn, because it turns out her poor monster has been stuck up a tree all along. A little wing-detangling and peanut-butter and banana sandwich eating later and a beautiful friendship is born.

Everything about Marilyn is so very real, with author and illustrator combining seamlessly to make this happen. Full of ideas about not conforming, perseverance and friendship, this lovely picture book is an excellent classroom choice.

If you want me, I’m out looking for my monster.

Check out Marilyn’s monster at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Marilyn’s monster from Fishpond.


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