The great dog bottom swap by Peter Bently; illustrated by Mei Matsuoka (2009)

[Published by Andersen Press]

great dog


If you’ve ever been bemused by dogs and their passion for bottom sniffing, then have I got the picture book for you. It turns out there’s a pretty simple explanation.

Many years ago at the Dogs’ Summer Ball, the guests were asked to hang their bottoms up at the entrance.


“So as they went in – every dog, pooch and pup –

They took off their bottoms and hung them all up.

Hundreds and hundreds of little pink ‘o’s

All neatly arranged in methodical rows.”

The event is bopping along merrily until… disaster strikes and fire breaks out. In the ensuing mayhem, dog bottoms are grabbed at IMG_1761
random. Which in a nutshell is why today, when dogs meet, they give each a right old sniffing in the hope that one day they will be reunited with their own derriere.

So simple, so hilarious. Between the rocking rhyme, fabulous illustrations and mad-cap story, how can this not be storytime gold?

Check out The great dog bottom swap at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The great dog bottom swap from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Lucy E, thanks Lucy!]


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