Orion and the dark by Emma Yarlett (2014)

[Published by Templar]


Today’s stunner is teeming with amazing illustrative detail. You need to allow plenty of time to wander leisurely through its pages.

Orion’s imagination is something of a curse, resulting in an extensive list of things he’s scared of. At the top of the list, his number one fear; the dark. In spite of ingenious attempts at eliminating the dark from his life, every night Orion is forced to face his worst nightmare. Finally he cracks, “I’ve had enough of you DARK! I wish you and your scary sounds, your murky monsters and your pitch blackness would just… just… GO AWAY!”

And this is where beautiful, beautiful Dark, the character makes an appearance. He’s not even slightly IMG_1773what Orion imagined Dark would be like, he’s awfully polite. (I loved my first ever interactive picture book handshake!) Together Orion and Dark share some amazing adventures, and from that night on, Orion puts his biggest fear to bed.

This one needs to be seen to be appreciated, get your hands on a copy right now!

Check out Orion and the dark at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Orion and the dark from Fishpond.


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