Saturday night at the dinosaur stomp by Carol Diggory Shields; illustrated by Scott Nash (1997)

[Published by Walker Books]


These dinosaurs are total dudes.

“Word went out ‘cross the prehistoric slime:

“Hey, dinosaurs, it’s rock ‘n’ roll time!

Slick back your scales and get ready to romp

On Saturday night at the Dinosaur Stomp!”

Full of lovely scientific words like Cretaceous and Cenozoic you’ll have heaps of fun reading and simultaneously learning. Although I probably wouldn’t advise basing any actual science lessons on this one, as you may be responsible for some significant misconceptions in future years for your audience:

“The night-time sky began to glow.IMG_1763

Volcanoes put on a firework show.

The ground was rocking – it started to shake.

Those dinosaurs danced up the first earthquake!”

Possibly not the current official explanation for earthquakes. Overflowing with funky dinosaurs and the best kind of partying, you can’t go wrong.

Check out Saturday night at the dinosaur stomp at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Saturday night at the dinosaur stomp from Fishpond.


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