Mr Archimedes’ bath by Pamela Allen (1980)

[Published by Angus & Robertson]

mr a

I have recently discovered that pretty much any subject being taught in a primary school classroom can be done via the medium of the picture book. As I’m sure you can imagine, this has made me very happy, and has also given me a bit of an idea about where myfriendlucy will head in the future (more on that another day).

Explaining science subjects that I find a little tangly will be one of my biggest classroom challenges. And that my friends is where picture books come to the rescue.

Today we’re talking about the Archimedes principle of water displacement, but mostly we’re going to listen to a hilarious story about a crazy bunch of Australian animals making a watery mess of the bathroom floor. As you would expect with Pamela Allen, the illustrations are magnificent. There are not too many books that could successfully include multiple illustrations of a naked man cavorting around a bathroom.

Mr Archimedes becomes increasingly frustrated when the water level in his bath keeps rising, IMG_1597“Where did all this water come from?” bellowed Mr Archimedes.” He engages his inner scientist and begins to investigate and observe. There are rulers, and a lot of hopping in and out of the bathtub. Finally it all becomes clear and the ensuing mess is delightful.

I’m pretty sure I now love teaching science.

Check out Mr Archimedes’ bath at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Mr Archimedes’ bath from Fishpond.


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