Hippobottymus by Steve Smallman; illustrated by Ada Grey (2015)

[Published by Little Tiger Press]

hippoWell that was unexpected! I often power-read through my latest stash of picture books, and sometimes like today, a farting hippopotamus is my punishment for not paying attention!

I love the rhyme and beat of this story, I could read books like this aloud all day.

“A mouse sat down by a bubbling creek –

The creek went bubble and the mouse went squeak!

Squeak, squeak, bubble, bubble, squeak, squeak, squeak.

Squeak, squeak, bubble, bubble, squeak, squeak, squeak!”

More animals join mouse and his rocking tune with centipede kindly providing the rhythm with his tappity feet. It’s something of a symphony and the animals congratulate themselves on their beautiful music. Mouse is about to be hailed as the party starter, but up pops Hippopotamus, pronouncing himself the IMG_1780inspiration behind the melody. And while I may have slightly given away the punchline in my introduction, I will say no more, leaving you to discover the full extent of the hilarity for yourselves.

The animals are wonderfully illustrated, their enthusiasm is contagious. I have a series of good words for this one, rollicking, and rocking and of course parpingly good fun!

Check out Hippobottymus at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Hippobottymus from Fishpond.


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