By mouse and frog by Deborah Freedman (2015)

[Published by Viking]

by mouseAs a teacher-in-training there are all sorts of new and interesting things filling my brain. Encouraging kids to use their imaginations and write great stories is one of many challenges for my future.

By mouse and frog is such a treat because the story writing process is laid out for us, albeit in a slightly madcap way. The idea of collaborative writing has now been added to my “consider doing in the future” mental list.

Mouse is writing a story, which he is rather excited about. His friend Frog is determined to get involved and in spite of some not-so-subtle discouragement from Mouse, Frog takes over. The story explodes in a IMG_1778lot of enthusiastic sentences, “some had two feet and some had four and some had a comb and a brush and a bowl full of soup, with noodles, not rice, and they cheered we are here! We are here! We are here! We have no end of stinky cheese!”

This story is received very poorly by Mouse, but when he eventually suggests the story could be by Mouse and Frog, it all becomes rather lovely. There are loads of clever illustrative details, and the story is such fun to read. By mouse and frog is inspirational for aspiring writers of all ages!

Check out by mouse and frog at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy by mouse and frog at Fishpond.


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