The special guest by Steve Smallman (2015)

[Published by QED Publishing]


In the back of The special guest there is a page of “Next steps,”  ideas for follow-up class discussion and art activities. There are some amazingly insightful questions, it made me realise how much I had missed. I’m currently writing an assignment on encouraging children to use pictures to assist with meaning when learning to read. A timely reminder for me to stop and smell the illustrations I think (hmm… this might be where I’m going wrong!)

Zebra receives a special invitation to a party from His Royal Highness, Lion. Flattered by its content, “To the cleverest, most beautiful animal in the jungle,” Zebra ignores his silly friend Elephant who tells him not to go. While Zebra tidies himself up, as suggested by Elephant, the invitation blows away and several other animals find themselves on the guest list.IMG_1784

As the invitees begin to arrive, Lion’s cunning plan is revealed. But he is trumped (or should I say
trumpeted) by a very clever Elephant.

Lots of ideas about friendship, flattery and vanity are explored in this gorgeous book. And if you missed all of that, the questions in the back will give you a hand!

Check out The special guest at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The special guest from Fishpond.


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