The lion and the bird by Marianne Dubuc (2014)

[Published by Enchanted Lion Books]


I’m feeling slightly frazzled after handing two monster assignments in today, and The lion and the bird is the perfect antitode. My analogy-creation abilities are failing me after a late night of typing many thousands of words… it’s like hugging someone who is wearing great knitwear. So snuggly.

Lion is having a merry time working in his garden when he becomes aware of a sound. Lying on the grass is an injured bird. As the rest of Bird’s friends migrate, Lion bandages and embraces Bird both literally and figuratively. (Maybe my analogy should be, it’s like tucking yourself into a lion’s mane on a cold autumn day). Lion and Bird enjoy each other’s company through autumn and winter. But when Bird’s friends return, he joins them on their migration south. Lion staring at the sky alone on a white, white page is one of the most poignant illustrations I have seen. As autumn rolls around again… I can’t give the whole plot away now can I? IMG_1819

Several pages of this story are text-free, but with illustrations this magnificent there is no need for words. There is so much to explore and say about this picture book, it would be fantastic for a classroom studying the importance and impact of illustrations. And look at that, it’s worked, I’m feeling significantly less frazzled!

Check out The lion and the bird at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The lion and the bird from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Kerryn – thanks Kerryn!]


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