Perfect square by Michael Hall (2011)

[Published by Greenwillow Books]


Oh the possibilities for using this clever book in the classroom. “It was a perfect square. It had four matching corners and four equal sides. It was perfectly happy.”

Poor old square is in for a rude awakening when on Monday, he is cut into pieces and poked full of holes. Luckily the no-longer-perfect square overflows with creativity, and turns into a babbling fountain. On each day of the week the square is subjected to a new form of mutilation, and each time transforms into something wonderful. Square becomes so good at dealing with change that being a plain old square again causes him some consternation.

The internet is overflowing with creative ways in which you can use Perfect square in the classroom. Here is one lesson plan to get you started. Michael Hall is an amazingly inventive author and illustrator. If you haven’t seen My heart is like a zoo, have a look here.IMG_1817

Check out Perfect square at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Perfect square from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Catherine – thanks Catherine!]


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