Bogtrotter by Margaret Wild; illustrated by Judith Rossell (2015)

[Published by Walker Books]


Bogtrotter is a little like a very pretty version of Shrek. He lives in a cave in a mushy bog and each day is very like the last. In a sort of nod to Forrest Gump, he spends his waking hours running, around, up, across and down the bog, until it’s time to go home.

Sometimes he feels bored, and a little lonely and he wishes things would change.  When a frog challenges his daily routine with a few pertinent questions, “Why do you run all day long?” and “Don’t you ever do anything new and different?” Bogtrotter’s life gets a little funky. It starts with picking a yellow flower, and it just gets more and more delightful from that point on.IMG_1812

Getting stuck in a routine is so easy, sometimes we forget to stop and smell the flowers. While I’m no wise frog, I’m happy to assume the mantle and challenge you all to do something just a little bit differently today.

Check out Bogtrotter at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bogtrotter from Fishpond.


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