Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood; illustrated by Meg Hunt (2015)

[Published by Chronicle Books]


I will admit to a small amount of nervousness when I picked up Interstellar Cinderella. I’m not sure why but I had an uneasy feeling that at some point it might go horribly wrong. Humble apologies Deborah and Meg, this book delighted me at every turn.

All the classic Cinderella elements are there, from the wicked stepsisters, to the prince, fairy godrobot and the mouse. And plot-wise? That’s where the genius begins.

“Once upon a planetoid,

amid her tools and sprockets,

a girl named Cinderella dreamed

of fixing fancy rockets.”

Cinderella is desperate to attend the Prince’s Royal Space Parade. Imagine all the space machinery goodness for a girl to feast her eyes upon! With no room in the family spaceship, her wicked stepmother suggests she could fix the broken ship in order to attend. Enter the all-essential fairy godrobot. Some nifty mechanical skills get the spaceship flying in no time and off Cinderella zooms to the space parade.

When the prince’s royal ship spontaneously bursts into flames, Cinderella is there to lend a helping socket wrench. A beautiful friendship is born based on a mutual admiration for rocket ships. Eventually Cinderella disappears and the prince determines to track her down,

“The prince sent a transmission

to the farthest edge of space.

“I’ll search the cosmos for her.

How I wish I’d seen her face!”

While Cinderella is trapped in the attic, the evil stepsisters desperately struggle to repair the prince’s spaceship. Assisted in her escape by Murgatroyd, the robotic mouse, Cinderella and the prince are reunited. I don’t want to give the whole plot away, but I can assure you, Cinderella’s response to the prince’s marriage proposal is the perfect fit.IMG_1814

There is so much to love in this picture book, I’m thinking a teaching unit on modernising fairy tales might be in order. There is no better example than Interstellar Cinderella.

Check out Interstellar Cinderella at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Interstellar Cinderella from Fishpond.


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