I’ll catch you if you fall by Mark Sperring; illustrated by Layn Marlow (2015)

[Published by Oxford University Press]
fallThe tagline to this delightful circular story is, “We all need someone to keep us safe.” What I love is that we are shown this is not just the domain of adults, kids can play their part too.

“Who will keep the boy safe?

“I will,” said his mother.

“I will hold him close…

and never let him lean too far.”

The boy and his mother are kept safe by the captain of the boat, who is watched over by the star. But who will look after the star? If you examine the cover, you may find the answer reveals itself very sweetly to you.IMG_1831

If you’re a librarian looking for a new starry picture book to read for Matariki, then this is a lovely preschool choice.

Check out I’ll catch you if you fall at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy I’ll Catch You If You Fall from Fishpond.


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