The memory tree by Britta Teckentrup (2013)

[Published by Orchard Books]


“There was once a fox who lived with all the other animals in the forest. Fox had lived a long and happy life, but now he was tired. Very slowly, Fox made his way to his favourite spot in the clearing. He looked at his beloved forest one last time and lay down.
Fox closed his eyes,
took a deep breath
and fell asleep forever.”

The animals in the forest begin to gather. Unable to imagine life without Fox, their sadness is silence. Eventually they begin to share their memories of Fox, and as their memories flourish, so does a tiny orange plant that grows from the snow where Fox was lying. “The more they remembered, the more the tree grew, higher and higher and more and more beautiful, until it was the tallest tree in the forest. A tree made from memories and full of love.”IMG_1770

This is a wonderful story, perfect for parents foundering themselves, needing help in supporting their small people through early experiences of death. Death is really hard for everyone, and to be honest, some days it doesn’t feel so easy to share those we have lost with the world. So today I will simply say, this one’s for you Dad.

Check out The memory tree at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The Memory Tree from Wheelers.


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