Rhymoceros by Janik Coat (2015)

[Published by Abrams Applesead]


Initially I was a bit marginal about whether to include today’s picture book on my blog. Killer title sure, but with only two words per page did it really fill my criteria of “amazing to read aloud to an audience?”

Then I spent some time hanging out with Rhymoceros himself and I was hooked. Each double page features this mammalian superstar demonstrating a pair of rhyming words. Gold foil, bumps and fur feature which makes it perfect for a one-on-one reading session with a small fiddly person. It would also be brilliant to read to a class to demonstrate rhymes in all their glory. You could go so far as covering the words and challenging the kids to work out the rhyme combo. The words range from tired and wired, to tilted and quilted. Some pairs are hilarious as are the illustrations.IMG_1871[1]

Rhymoceros is officially part of the myfriendlucy crew, he and I are hitting the town tonight if anyone wants to join us. I’m thinking dancing, followed by some high quality prancing.

Check out Rhymoceros at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Rhymoceros [Board book] from Fishpond.


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