Pizza for pirates by Adam & Charlotte Guillain; illustrated by Lee Wildish (2015)

[Published by Egmont Publishing]


Greetings world. After a week of twitter-style short reviewing, I should probably warn you, I have a significant surplus of words I need to let out. Prepare for a series of long ambling reviews, starting with today’s indulgent all-about-me entry.

I’m now up to my second practicum in a primary school as part of my year of learning how to be a teacher. My class is a double room overflowing with 59 nine and ten year olds. I took them outside for a game of “Captain’s coming” a few weeks ago. In my introduction to the game I explained that before I was a librarian I had for a short time been a pirate. They were going to be put through their paces so I could see who would be a worthy addition to my old pirate ship. They didn’t know me very well at this stage and a few looked quite bewildered at this new piece of information about Mrs Barker.

The next day I was taking a guided reading session and the kids asked what “open sea” meant. I IMG_1879explained that I’d been on boats so far away from land, that when you looked in all directions, all you could see was the sea. One of the boys piped up and quite seriously asked, “Was that when you were a pirate?” I am more determined than ever to include as many crazy imagination-filled experiences as I can in the classroom!

Today’s excellent seafaring story is just the ticket (see I always get around to the book eventually). George, the intrepid small boy, from the safety of his bed, hatches a plan to join a fine crew of pirates. Armed with pizza (and an outstanding imagination), he embarks on his quest. The cast of any good pirate story join George along the way, mermaids, pirates, sharks, whales and a most magnificent sea monster. That trusty pizza eventually earns its stripes and George and his newly found pirate-friends show the world what walking the plank really means.

Told in rollicking rhyme, with wonderful illustrations, this is the perfect story to share with an adventure-loving audience.

Check out Pizza for pirates at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Pizza for Pirates (George’s Amazing Adventures) from Fishpond.


One thought on “Pizza for pirates by Adam & Charlotte Guillain; illustrated by Lee Wildish (2015)

  1. Dear Lucy

    I loved how you set up the class before the game by telling them about your pirate days. Inspiring children’s imagination is a gift. Our class of 59 children have really enjoyed having you as their teacher.

    Jacqui Greenlade

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