Bye-bye grumpy fly by Ruth Paul (2015)

[Published by Scholastic New Zealand]


As I read Bye-bye grumpy fly aloud for the first time, I felt as if I needed an accompanying beat. There is something so satisfyingly rhythmic about the language. Why not suggest your audience clap and tap along as you read this cheeky wee number aloud. Be warned, there are some tongue twisters in there, so you might need to cross your fingers that the beat doesn’t increase in speed!

On a rainy grey day, a grumpy fly enters stage left. Pursued by a frog, a crocodile and a tiger, the fly zips and zaps out of their way leaving mayhem in his wake. While the others discover there is fun to be had in all their scrambling and tumbling, the fly remains stoically grumpy, eventually buzzing away forever.IMG_1878

The grumpy fly’s grumpiness is a delight. How he manages to keep a straight-face when the tiger ends up soggy and underneath a lily pad, I’ll never know.

My prediction is that you will have as much fun reading this aloud as your audience has listening to it!

Check out Bye-bye grumpy fly at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bye-Bye Grumpy Fly at Fishpond.


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