Zoo train by Sally Sutton; illustrated by Daron Parton (2015)

[Published by Walker Books]


Last month in Auckland a seal made his way into a city car wash and stubbornly refused to leave. He drew a huge crowd and was quite the hit with the locals.

In Zoo train it’s an enclosure escape that provides all the entertainment. A crowd of excited zoo-goers chugga chugga and thugga thugga their way around, delighting in the animals on the way. “Wind blows round the big cats. Fanning the giraffe. Glad I’ve got my warm hat. Where’d I put my scarf?”

After they pass by the monkeys, a series of strange events unfold, from odd bursts of rain, to disappearing items of clothing. How on earth did the tiger end up wearing a belt? It’s all very mysterious, unless of course you’ve been paying attention to the wonderful illustrations along the way.IMG_1876

This lovely bright, bubbling picture book will provide much entertainment for your young audience. You will find yourself keeping a much closer eye on the monkeys at the zoo in the future!

Check out Zoo train at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Zoo Train from Fishpond.


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