Room 20s reviews continue…

I might just make myself another cup of tea, the kids have got this…

Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal; illustrated by Scott Magoon (2009)

[Published by Hyperion Books]20150624_101540

This book is about Spoon and his family, so you can say the title like this “SPOOON!!”

This is a comparing story and a silly story for children for bedtime. The characters in the story are Spoon, Fork, Knife and Chopsticks. At the end, everyone was not less than each other!

By Aminta and Crystal

Check out Spoon at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Spoon from Fishpond.

Puss & Boots by Ayano Imai (2009)

[Published by Michael Neugebauer Pub Ltd] 20150624_101015

This is me and my partner’s review of Puss and Boots (our names are Paavi and Reeno). This is a story about a poor shoemaker and his cat who lived together. Business was bad but how it got better is a mystery for you.

This book is great for 7+ kids. A funny, sad little book with a lot of hard words.

By Reeno and Paavi

Check out Puss & Boots at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Puss & Boots from Fishpond.

The foggy, foggy forest by Nick Sharratt (2008)

[Published by Walker Books]20150624_101116

Title: The foggy foggy forest

Like: There is always a mystery somewhere

This book is suitable for 7 and under

Dislike: Not much rhyming, dull colours

By Alisha and Aliya

[Disclaimer: Nick Sharratt you are my hero, these girls are tough critics!]

Check out The foggy, foggy forest by Nick Sharratt.

Or buy The Foggy, Foggy Forest from Fishpond.


One thought on “Room 20s reviews continue…

  1. Wow! A great variety of topics in today’s blog. Good honest opinions too. Can’t wait for the next reviews.

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