Room 20 you have been awesome!

Today I hung out with Room 20 for the last time, which was sad both because they are awesome, and also because I can no longer pester them for book reviews. Here are their final two reviews, thanks guys!


Hello world! by Tracy Clarry (2013)

[Published by Tracy Design]

Hello person that I have never met. This story is about knowledge and colours and personality. It is a great book for people under the age of six about stuff they have never known in their lives.

It has great and beautiful pictures that are the same as in the real world.

By Daltan and Jacob.

Check out Hello World! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Hello World! from Fishpond.


Squinty the seagull by Janet Martin; illustrated by20150624_101058 Ivar Treskon (2014)

[Published by Jampot Productions]

This book is really good for ages seven and under, with bright and colourful illustrations.

Squinty the seagull learnt how to surf.  There is one good thing about this, even though he only has one eye to look, he was still the champion. It’s a happy story, because he did not have to be perfect. Even though he had a disability he still achieved something and he was determined. There is also a beautiful song that goes with the story.

By Paige and Eh Thaw Kue.

Check out Squinty the seagull at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Squinty the Seagull from Fishpond.


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