Her idea by Rilla (2015)

[Published by Flying Eye Books]


[Apologies to anyone who read the first incomplete draft of today’s post. Mid-writing I headed off to meet a friend for coffee and forgot I’d set this to publish. Frankly, I found the irony hilarious, I hope you do too!]

I’m on holiday. Real live, time-stretching-luxuriously-into-the-distance type holiday. I was all set for my usual routine of faffing, pottering and coffee drinking when I had quite a confronting experience. I read Her idea.

I am the queen of ideas started and abandoned. My computer overflows with drafts of books (including an almost completed Mills and Boon manuscript – long story) and my craft room bursts at the seams with delicious pieces of fabric that I will do something with one day. Every so often a wee nudge is required to encourage me to get things done, today it was more like a giant shove.

Her idea tells of Sozi, a small child whose head overflows with ideas. “They came to her anywhere, 20150701_084804anytime her mind wandered.” She always loves her latest idea the most but never has enough time to complete any of them. Armed with determination she gets started on a work of art… but then she gets distracted and plays instead (anyone free for coffee this afternoon?). Eventually a book-shaped passerby stops to lend a helping hand (or maybe page). With some nifty footwork, he catches one idea and traps it between his pages. And from then on, it’s all on for Sozi and idea completion.

For anyone suffering from a mild dose of procrastination, I can prescribe you a hearty dose of Her idea. What kids will make of this story I’m not sure, but I look forward to sharing it when I’m back in the classroom next term. For now, I’ve got things to do…

Check out Her idea at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Her Idea from Fishpond.


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