Squishy squashy birds by Carl van Wijk and Alicia Munday (2014)

[Published by Potton & Burton]


New Zealand really does boast a most spectacular array of native birds. If you’ve never hunkered down in the bird-viewing hide at Nugget Point in the Catlins and delighted in wobbly hoiho making their way across across the beach, then I insist you add it to your bucket list immediately! (I have been known to describe the Catlins as New Zealand’s Disneyland. Admittedly this is a pretty obscure comparison, based mostly on the fact that in a small area there are all sorts of natural wonders to behold. Please don’t go expecting rollercoasters).

In Sammy’s backpack, lives his favourite book, Endangered Birds of New Zealand. When closed, said endangered birds are forced to squeeze themselves into its pages, creating all sorts of undignified shapes.IMG_1893

“Kōkako then chimed in,

“There’s no room for my trilling!

My beak’s jammed in the corner.

I’d hardly call that thrilling.”

When Sammy finally makes it to school and unleashes the beauty of his favourite book on his classmates, the rainbow-coloured mayhem is a delight to behold.

The rhyming language is beautiful, the pictures magnificent. You will want to share this gorgeous story on a regular basis.

[Recommended by Phillippa – thanks Phillippa!]

Check out Squishy squashy birds at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Squishy Squashy Birds from Fishpond.

[Oh boy, in a quick update, I’ve just discovered the amazing Squishy squashy bird merchandise. Check out the shower curtains. Stay strong Lucy, stay strong.]


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