The farmer and the clown by Marla Frazee (2014)

[Published by Beach Lane Books]

farmerMy wordless picture book series continues today. To call it  a series is something of an exaggeration given that there are two wordless books in total. Let’s go with my mini-series of picture books sans words. (Apologies, I seem to feel the need to fill the space left by the lack of words in this book with my own verbal explosion, I will attempt to rein myself in).

In a field, a slightly grumpy-looking farmer works alone. A passing circus train distracts him for a moment and when a small clown tumbles off the back he doesn’t quite know what to make of it. The small clown makes himself right at home initially, but when his painted smile is washed away, it turns out he’s really not too sure IMG_1875about this new situation either. Together the farmer and the clown work towards creating a delightful friendship. But when the circus train returns…

Honestly, this wordless picture book thing is messing with my head, I need someone to talk to about this one. I’m heading out the door for pub quiz, that’s it, the book is coming with me.

Check out The farmer and the clown at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Farmer and the Clown from Fishpond.


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