Stanley’s plan by Ruth Green (2015)

[Published by Tate Publishing]

stanStanley (a little like my husband) is ALWAYS hungry. A delicious but out-of-reach pie tempts him with all its tasty smells. In spite of some great suggestions to his friends as to how they can help retrieve that big ol’ pie, none of them seem very interested.

“So Stanley starts to make a plan.

He asks Brian the cat to help if he can.

Brian tells Stanley, “That pie’s not for you.”

“Ask someone else, I’ve got things to do.”

After an exhausting day of failed plan-hatching, Stanley falls asleep and awakes the next morning to a lovely surprise.IMG_1884

The colours in Stanley’s plan are enough to brighten a cold winter’s day. With its tidy rhyme and bold illustrations, this is a top choice for reading to a big bunch of littlies.

Check out Stanley’s Plan at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Stanley’s Plan from Fishpond.


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