The green sea turtle by Isabel Muller (2014)

[Published by North South Books]

greenI heard a fellow student teacher the other day say, “They had such a good time, they didn’t even realise they were learning!” I love this concept a lot, and today’s amazing picture book does just this, entwining fascinating facts with the story of one green sea turtle.

“Our turtle has been traveling for many years, and she can now move swiftly and elegantly through the water. Her hind legs steer her, like the rudder of a boat, and her powerful front legs help her to swim very fast.”

All sorts of underwater creatures lurk in the pages of this beautiful story, with the added bonus of labels IMG_1886allowing for future identification. Perfect for kids studying animal migration (“hi Pap South!”) or small people with a passion for information, I’ve accidentally learnt a lot in the time I’ve spent with this funky wee turtle.

Check out The green sea turtle at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The Green Turtle from Fishpond.


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