It’s a groovy world, Alfredo! by Sean Taylor; illustrated by Chris Garbutt (2015)

[Published by Walker Books]


The opening conversation between Alfredo and his friend Marty appealed to me a lot,

“Hello, Alfredo!” said Marty. “Rick’s having a birthday party with disco lights and groovy dancing! And you’re invited.”

“I don’t like groovy dancing,” said Alfredo.

“You’ve got to like groovy dancing,” replied Marty. “It’s a groovy world, Alfredo!”

Poor Alfredo is a horrible dancer, and in spite of some top-notch tuition from the super-groovy Marty, every time he attempts a new dance move, he ends up jumping. And when he jumps, he looks like a duck on a trampoline and Alfredo knows IMG_1881everyone will laugh.

At Rick’s party, Alfredo sits out the dancing for as long as he can. When he finally makes it onto the dance floor, the inevitable happens, but it turns out to be much better than Alfredo could have imagined.

If you have ever felt like the least cool person at a party full of cool people then you will love Alfredo. A little like a slightly mad version of Giraffes can’t dance, this delightful bright story will encourage your audience to strap on their dancing shoes and get their groove on.

Check out It’s a groovy world, Alfredo! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy t’s a Groovy World, Alfredo from Fishpond.


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