All aboard the dinosaur express by Timothy Knapman; illustrated by Ed Eaves (2015)

[Published by Bloomsbury Publishing]


I love conversations with small dinosaur fans who are sticklers for correct identification, pulling out lines like, “That’s not a brontosaurus, it’s an apatosaurus”. How can you even know something like that? You’re five years old!

From the moment you open the cover of this gorgeous book you find yourself in a prehistoric land where dinosaurs roam freely, oh and ride on trains! All the great dinosaurs are present from the triceratops to a groovy-looking ankylosaurus.

There are plenty of adventures to be had for the passengers on board this train, not to mention the excitement of finding out which lucky dinosaur is holding the special ticket and will be allowed to drive the train. My life will be complete once I’ve experienced the Great Volcano Run.20150707_223118

Train fans, dinosaur fans, they’ll all be in heaven listening to this bright, rhyming adventurous tale.

Check out All aboard the dinosaur express at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy All Aboard the Dinosaur Express from Fishpond.


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