Hooray for Hoppy! by Tim Hopgood (2014)

[Published by MacMillan Children’s Books]

hoorayHoppy the enthusiastic rabbit arrived in my life at the perfect time. There is no other way to describe Auckland’s weather today than pants. It’s cold, grey, windy and rainy, all the bad things weather can be. We’re about halfway through winter, and today’s picture book reminded me that it’s not forever.

Hoppy wakes one morning and wonders if today is the day. It’s too cold and snowy, so he hops back into bed. A couple of failed attempts later and Hoppy wakes to a certain smell in the air. There is blossom on the trees, singing birds and lambs in the meadow. Spring has most definitely sprung. This lovely story is a celebration of the IMG_1897senses with the audience asked on the final pages What does Hoppy hear? What does Hoppy smell? What does Hoppy see? What does Hoppy taste? What does Hoppy feel?

The perfect antidote to a horrible winter’s day.

Check out Hooray for Hoppy! at Auckland Libraries (board book only at Auckland Libraries).

Or buy Hooray for Hoppy! from Fishpond (picture book version).


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