One year, 365 picture books… success!

All the books

This is what 365 picture books look like.

Woohoo! I have made it to the end of my 365 days of picture book reviews. To celebrate I’m not going to review a picture book today. I tricked you all! Instead, I am going all Oscars on it, excuse me while I try not to stumble up the stairs to the microphone.

Firstly I would like to thank my lovely husband John who has put up with mounds of picture books in our lounge for the past year, random requests for his opinion on particular titles, and me saying “Just give me five minutes, I haven’t posted my review yet for today.” You are a good man John.

Next up, mum and my mother-in-law, Marilyn. Combined, their powers of proof reading have (hopefully) made my blog error free. It did lead to some slightly cryptic text messages including the following from my mother, “Does a light bulb go off or on?” which turned out to be an editing suggestion for this post. Thanks mums, you are officially my number one fans.

Sammy  having "the grumps".

Sammy harrumphing, like Pom Pom the grumpy panda.

My sister and her three awesome children, have been a willing and enthusiastic audience for many of the books I have reviewed. Two hours babysitting Sammy (aged 2) was filled entirely by me reading books to him (okay so we did have a short break to dance like Gerald). Your kids are great Emily, and so are you!

Thanks also to the lovely staff at Panmure Library for processing my hundreds of book requests and for occasionally letting me blow my 35 book-borrowing limit. And a big shout out to Auckland Libraries’ Collections team who unquestioningly bought all of my new picture book suggestions, I love you guys!

Geez this is starting to become a little epic so I’ll wind things up. Congratulations to all the amazing picture book authors, illustrators, designers and publishers who work so hard. My mind on many occasions over the past year has been blown by the creativity, humour and beauty present in the pages of picture books. Keep up the good work, you are making the world a better place.

And finally thank you to everyone who has popped on by, commented, suggested titles, offered advice, contributed reviews and been generally enthusiastic about myfriendlucy. I have had an amazing year, and look forward to continuing to review in the future, albeit on a far less frequent basis.

Big high fives and pats on the back all round,

Lucy (your friend)


20 thoughts on “One year, 365 picture books… success!

  1. Woohoo indeed! Awesome achievement Lucy.
    I will miss the daily picture book review. Often the highlight of my bus trip into work each morning.
    Enjoy your well-earned freedom 😊
    Cheers, L.

    Sent from my Windows Phone

  2. Thanks for a great year of books! Some of these reviews have inspired me to buy for our school library and others I have kept for future reference …

  3. Well done, Lucy. I have enjoyed reading your wonderful reviews and looked forward to see what title the new day would bring. Thank you for the entertaining reviews and for introducing me to some titles I hadn’t seen. Cheers Tina

  4. Congratulations! It’s been a real pleasure reading all your reviews and I have SO MANY new picture books for my storytimes. Great work! 😀

    • Your blog has been, and will continue to be, a fantastic resource for me! I’ve used heaps of your picture books in my storytimes our library in St Heliers, Auckland. Thanks heaps!!! Looking forward to discovering more of your amazing picture books in the future – but you do deserve a break for a bit!

  5. You are amazing! Your John and family are pretty impressive as well. I have so enjoyed reading your reviews, Lucy.

  6. Your wonderful writing about these books has been a joy to read. Please write one of your own wonderful books now!!

  7. Thanks Lucy an amazing achievement, will miss your daily reviews, have often got out the books you have suggested all of which the boys have loved. Thanks

  8. Thank you, Lucy-belle, from the bottom of my heart. You made each day for me, with your sparkling reviews of the incredible world of picture books we have out there. Very special. And, as someone has said above, now’s the time to write your own!

  9. Well done Lucy (and your support crew). Very proud of you. Definitely a great achievement, and it has been fun reading for the last year.

  10. Congratulations Lucy, it has been a delight to go along for the ride. The library has probably wondered why my reading level suddenly took a nosedive. A fun nosedive and an introduction to books I wouldn’t have found myself. You deserve an Oscar and a huge pat on the back. I look forward to your next ‘starring’ role. For your proof readers I think Pooh said it all….. ‘He respects owl, because you can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right.’
    You have made 365days just that much more smiley thanks.

  11. We echo all the sentiments above Lucy! I have greatly enjoyed reading your reviews and they have informed all our library borrowing over the past year. My 2 and 4 year olds have you to thank for some very entertaining reads, books that we will continue to borrow over the next few years.
    You have such a lovely, personable style of writing. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You deserve a bit of a break!

  12. Dear Lucy, I am reading this in a waterfront cafe on Skopelos and I shed a little tear, knowing all the reasons why you undertook this challenge; and knowing what determination and guts it took to complete it on top of embarking on your year of teacher training. Dad would be so proud too. Mum

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