Zippo the Super Hippo by Kes Gray; illustrated by Nikki Dyson (2015)

[Published by MacMillan]


I am no child psychologist, but I can tell from the cover alone that Zippo is going to be a hit with the young ‘uns. “How Lucy? How do you know this?” Well team, I can guarantee that any book with the phrase “Bottom Power” on the cover, which features a large hippo in underpants will be instant “read it again” material.

Zippo the hippo has a hankering for being super, for having a super power to be more precise. By process of elimination, he and his friend Roxi hit upon flying as the perfect power for him.

“You’re right!” said Zippo. “If I could fly, I could get a super cape and some super boots and I could fly 20150729_082518around the world being Zippo the Super Hippo!” Zippo’s attempts at launching himself elegantly in the air fail miserably, ending each time with a giant splat, and an animal squashed beneath his admirable bottom. In good news, it turns out that super bottoms can be quite a weapon against misbehaving animals. And so, Zippo the Super Hippo is born.

There are all sorts of goodies hidden in the pages of this beautifully illustrated, hilariously told story. Come on down Zippo, we’ve saved you a place in the inner circle of friends here at myfriendlucy!

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Blog posting extravaganza by Room 20

Look out world, it’s a blog takeover! The students of room 20 have risen to my challenge and have written a series of delightful picture book reviews. Room 20 consists of 59 (mostly) lovely students aged between nine and eleven. It means I get to put my feet up for a few days, thanks team!

All monkeys love bananas by Sean E Avery (2012)

[Published by Fremantle Press]20150624_103827

This book is suitable for under 7-year-olds. It has spectacular rhymes. It is hilarious, with crazy monkeys and crazy rabbits. This is amazing for your kids to get a bit of a laugh, and have fun!

By Anthony and Kosten

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Outside by Libby Hathorn; illustrated by Ritva Voutila (2014)

[Published by Little Hare]20150624_103659

This book is perfect for kids who absolutely love rhymes. There are very creative pictures which you can not stop staring at!

This book is about a boy who explores outside with breathtaking nature.

By Kayah and Malia.

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Superkid by Claire Freedman; illustrated by Sarah McIntyre (2013)


[Published by Scholastic]

This is a very interesting book, it’s a lot of fun and so so so funny. Any aged human being would like it but probably not adults.

It’s a lot better when you read it in a weird voice. It’s very colourful and interesting.

By Ubaidah and Sameer.

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Shake to assemble by Calliope Glass; illustrated by Ron Lim & Richard Isanove (2015)

[Published by Marvel]

shakeShe’s a tough one today. I faced a dilemma, do I include a book that is shamelessly cashing in on The Avengers franchise, or do I discount it, due to its populist nature?

I wrote myself a summary:

  • Kids will looooove this book
  • It’s no literary masterpiece
  • She’s a whole lot of fun to read
  • I watch reality TV so who am I to judge?

While reading it aloud to a friend (and Avengers fan) I realised my whole goal is to find books that are fun to read aloud, and Shake to assemble is exactly that. Interactive in nature, it features all your favourites, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. Your instructions include pushing, blowing, tapping, and… tickling Bruce Banner in order to make him turn into the Hulk. “Great! He’s getting mad! But not mad enough. Shake the book up and down five times – hard.”

If you ever run a comic-themed library storytime then this book is just about perfect.

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Supertato by Sue Hendra (2014)

superHold on to your cape Batman, there’s another great Superhero picture book on the scene. A marauding vegetable from the freezer is creating chaos in the supermarket. Luckily Supertato comes to the rescue! I felt quite vindicated for this earlier post when I discovered the evil vegetable was none other than… a pea.

“But I’m out of the freezer now and I’m never going back! Mwah ha ha ha ha! And the evil pea ran off to commit more terrible crimes.”supertato

The battle between the pea and Supertato is really quite epic and the background scenery will be very familiar to most kids, featuring all sorts of supermarket staples like converyor belts, trolleys, frozen goods etc.

In equal parts hilarious and inspiring, Supertato is a must-read for fans of either superheroes, or potatoes!

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The day I lost my superpowers by Michael Escoffier; illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo (2014)

Finding great superhero-themed books makes me especially happy. Every September at Auckland Libraries it’s Comic Book Month, which features a bunch of awesome events, including Superhero story-times. It can be a challenge to find preschool titles that fit the bill, and this year, I’ve found one, whoop whoop!

For opening lines, this book gets a gold star. “The day I discovered I could fly, I knew that I was special.” Our adorable superhero is kind of super, and actually kind of just cheating. The illustrations let us in on a few secrets as to exactly how these super powers work, amazing skills like walking on ceilings, and becoming invisible.

Of course every superhero comes unstuck at some point, and it’s right about then you really hope your mum has superpowers too.

Big bold illustrations and a clever story make this a particularly super option for a Comic Book Month story-time.

Check out The day I lost my superpowers at Auckland Libraries.

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