Fabulous Pie by Gareth Edwards; illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

[Published by Alison Green Books]


“Deep in the forest
Where the trees meet the sky,
A very bad bear
Baked a very big pie.”

In spite of his badness, I have to admit to a certain fondness for the sneaky old bear. He hatches a cunning plan, asking the animals of the forest to help him fill his fabulous pie. Mouse provides ripe berries, and squirrel adds delicious hazelnuts. It’s all sounding rather tasty. Badger brings honey and then otter offers the slightly less-traditional salmon.

At this point the bear shows his true colours, shoving the mouse, squirrel, badger and otters into his pie. IMG_1908With a little ingenuity the pie-filling/animals engineer a rather slippery escape. I must say the character I feel sorry for in all this is the salmon, look out for his doleful eyes as the escapees celebrate with a delicious slice of pie.

Fabulous Pie is heaps of fun to read. Told in bopping rhyme, its illustrations are almost as delicious as the pie.

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Stanley’s plan by Ruth Green (2015)

[Published by Tate Publishing]

stanStanley (a little like my husband) is ALWAYS hungry. A delicious but out-of-reach pie tempts him with all its tasty smells. In spite of some great suggestions to his friends as to how they can help retrieve that big ol’ pie, none of them seem very interested.

“So Stanley starts to make a plan.

He asks Brian the cat to help if he can.

Brian tells Stanley, “That pie’s not for you.”

“Ask someone else, I’ve got things to do.”

After an exhausting day of failed plan-hatching, Stanley falls asleep and awakes the next morning to a lovely surprise.IMG_1884

The colours in Stanley’s plan are enough to brighten a cold winter’s day. With its tidy rhyme and bold illustrations, this is a top choice for reading to a big bunch of littlies.

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